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Over the past year and a half, we've sacrificed our social lives and much of our mental health by working and schooling remotely, missing out on vacations and experiences, and connecting solely through digital means. We felt the pressure to put on that persona that shows the world that we’re fine. We try our best to hide behind the filters and Zoom backgrounds. We show the outside how functional, creative, and resilient we are, when in fact reality paints a much different picture, when in fact we are all that dog in the burning room- unaware of the last time we showered, cleaned the house, or spoke to an adult human being in person.

And now we're in a period of tumultuous transition, grief, and suffering while much of our society expects us to snap back to "normal." In reality, we are still managing the unpredictable, grasping at whatever we think we can control (i.e. shrinking our bodies, catching up on work).

In 2022, I'm bringing you a coaching program that helps you to rediscover your power within, synthesize the massive trauma we've endured, and move forward in the best way you can. This isn’t about DOING MORE because it’s your fault that you’re burned out after over a year of a global pandemic and social unrest. This is about coming home and finding collective healing.

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