I AM A REBEL NURSE challenging the landscape and lens of health care through 

integrative and trauma-based healing.

Hi, I'm Lindsay

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What's holding you back from experiencing health and wellbeing?

You've probably been told that it's because

you're doing something wrong

you're broken

your health is an indicator of worth or morality

You may have learned that health is contingent on the number on the scale and solely based upon your lifestyle choices.

You were lied to.

Your health and wellbeing are far more complex. Factors like trauma and stress, self worth and shame, systems of oppression, mental and emotional health, and community care are a part of a much bigger picture.

Our culture has normalized a
hyper-individualistic view of health,
all while promoting that we abandon ourselves, particularly those who are caregivers, parents, or health care workers.

It's no wonder you're in survival mode all the time.

But I have good news: you are not broken and you can come home to yourself. 

I truly believe that there is a power and a wisdom within you that just needs a little care and attention to be UNLOCKED. 

As a nurse coach, I care for the Care Giver, providing space and human connection to explore new possibilities of being, holding you in gentle accountability to meet your health goals, and helping get you unstuck. 

Whether you're struggling with stress or burnout, difficulties in your health, or simply want some life direction, I am here to support you in living with more ease and joy.

You CAN access the innately wise, resilient, and empowered being inside of you!

As a


As an

integrative nurse coachâ„¢

As a

somatic experiencing practitioner

I'm pro-science and have a diverse background in our health care disease management system and I understand your complex medical struggles on a scientific level.

I believe that wellness is a whole being job, that "health" is not one-size-fits-all, and that you are the expert of yourself- you just might not know it yet.

I know that health and wellbeing is about every part of you and your experience in this life, and I can work with you in a way that is gentle and trauma-educated.

This is about helping you come home to yourself.

For me, this is about more than just Health Coaching.

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