Work With Lindsay

I love food. But, food can be complicated. We're told how to eat to be "healthy," we give food moral value, we use it numb intense emotions, and we restrict it to find control. And don't even get me started on diet culture and the white supremacist implications of shrinking our bodies as the end-all-be-all of health.

Here's my food philosophy:
We are all different human beings, with different lives and needs.
Nutrition is important AND a single aspect of a much larger picture of health.
Food is a wonderful part of the human experience and it is meant to be enjoyed.

My Whole30 WholeLife program utilizes these principles and marries them with somatic work, self compassion, and mindfulness. In 8 weeks, I use the Whole30 to help you embrace the body you have, discover the foods that work (and don't work) for you, and work towards a forever evolving Food Freedom.


Whole 30 Whole Life

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